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A “Knipperfrotje” is a small night light consisting of a few LEDs run by a very basic electronic circuit. Each LED switches off and on at its own interval speed, resulting in enchanting, soothing light effects. I created the very first Knipperfrotje somewhere between 1980 and 1985: since then I have made hundreds of them in many shapes and variants, although in most cases a small glass jar is used as a housing.
Knipperfrotjes are the living proof, that cool electronic products with an extremely long life expectancy, can be made using only very limited materials.

Click ***HERE*** to see a working Knipperfrotje!

Important things you should know about knipperfrotjes:

  • Knipperfrotjes are built to knipper;
  • A knipperfrotje will lighten up your life, bringing you peace and happiness;
  • Knipperfrotjes are made one by one; each knipperfrotje is unique;
  • Give your knipperfrotje a nice place to sit, and switch it on. And NEVER* EVER switch it off (*let alone in case of a removal);
  • The life expectancy of a knipperfrotje is well over a hundred years: some knipperfrotjes were switched on more than 30 years ago, and have been knippering happily ever after!;
  • Power consumption by a knipperfrotje is negligible;
  • Knipperfrotjes are only made by me, Eibert Draisma
    (make sure not to buy a fake knipperfrotje!).

Some time ago a friend told me: “My son can look at our knipperfrotje for hours; to him it’s a magical mini camp fire!”

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