Draismannetje (Solar powered)

25.00 incl. 21% BTW

OMG… It’s a Draismannetje!
The Dutch verb “draaien” stands for “to turn (around)”
So if your last name is Draisma, then you owe it to yourself to develop a ‘Draismannetje’: a little man who turns something. So that’s what I did – and with great pleasure.

The Draismannetje turns a little flag around: the more light there is, the more often he will do it. And even when there is almost no light left, it continues to do so, albeit very occasionally.

Not a Battery Eater
Working on a solar cell, the Draismannetje does not need any batteries, ever. But because – like the Battery Eaters – he is very energy efficient, he is close friends with them!